Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Update 2013

So it's been a while since I posted. With Melia and family living here, I just never found the time.
 But, I would like to get back to it, so we can better track Peyton and Brady's progress or lack there of.
   Brady is doing really over all. His motor skill are still very behind. He does not ride a bike or use a pencil very well. He is 4 now. talks and expresses himself pretty well. Not very much echoing anymore. But every now and then.

Peyton worries us the most. He has a very hard time focusing for very long on anyone thing. Though he tests as very smart. he struggles in school some. Today he said something that worries me. He had not eaten very much of his lunch and was eating some of it at 7pm as he was hungry. When I asked him he said that he did not want to miss any of recess. I can't remember how he said it but, he said something about he wanted to have lots of time to spend with his necklace. This really breaks my heart. Not the people. Not play and run around but to be with his necklace. I assume he can't have it in the class room. Maybe he needs that de-stressing time. He seems to love Recess. Just a bit of a worry.
  He spends most of his out of school time on a laptop or ipad. He doesn't play in the traditional sense. Though he does better outside and will engage his cousins and play with them.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 13 2012

Today I'm Starting a Blog about my two grandsons journey with Autism. ( Peyton 5 yrs old & Brady 2-3/4 yrs old).
I try to read and learn all that I can so they can be all that God sent them to this earth to be.
For their Parents, each day is like traveling in very uneven terrain. There are many highs and lows. Some days the ground looks like it might even out and then it drops into a low valley. Other days they trudge through the low lands, when they climb up a rise and see the most beautiful vista. And Hope is again restored.
I hope to chronicle this journey. We all have journey's. But, Autism takes one on a ride comparable to some of the best roller coaster twisters at Disney Land!
My hope is to be able to look back at this blog and see the slow but steady steps forward and the progresses they bring.
I have tried working with the boys some. There are days when you don't feel like you've made any difference and then there are those moments. And you know that in some way you are getting through to their world and they are starting to experience ours more.
Today was one of those days. Brady actually spoke a few word sentence, that was not a memorized sentence from a TV show,etc or just copying what we just said to him. If you say to Brady -
" thank-you Brady." He will repeat right away "thank-you Brady." Like he has no concept of what you really just said to him. I can't remember now what he said to me. But, Jesse related to us that earlier in the day he kissed Brady's cheek. Brady said " I don't like that". For Brady this is Huge!!!

Tomorrow I'll give a more detailed report of the boys. Were each is right now. What are the biggest problem areas etc.

Like with Peyton. He loves to have his little sister Riley by him. He has no concept of someone else getting hurt etc. He is always putting her up on a chair, couch, bed etc. The problem is Riley can crawl. She falls off of things some from him putting her their. Even though she cries and we explain to him that she got hurt. He still picks her up and puts her places. Today he put her up on the couch in the back family room and gave her a couple small books. which was sweet. But, he had moved on to something else, was not paying attention to her. it was only a matter of time before she fell off. All 14 lbs of her, She is extremely small and fragile feeling for her 10 months.
I had to ask Peyton 3 or 4 times to move his sister. I repeated a number of time that Riley could fall and get hurt. That he should move her to the mattress on the floor, were she wouldn't get hurt. He did finally move her.
If an Adult is not close at hand , she can end up all sorts of places and many of them dangerous to her. Just another day with Peyton and a little bit of the stress Tressa lives with everyday. The constantly having to watch and check on everyone much more often than you would with a normal or Typical chil